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You Can’t Unsee Yoda With Human Skin

It's just creepy.


Yoda is a calming presence in the Star Wars universe, but a new piece of fan art is having the exact opposite effect on Star Wars fans in this universe. Personally, not since the statue that inspired the Momo challenge has a piece of art found on the internet horrified us so thoroughly as Yoda with human skin, which is exactly what it sounds like.

This monstrosity, which looks like Yoda stayed out in the sun on Tattooine too long, is the work of Andrea Eusebi, a freelance artist based in Senigallia, Italy. He posted a photo of this terrifying non-green Yoda to Instagram two years ago with the caption “personal old project,” and there are more pictures on his website that were posted in August of 2012. That post also suggests that this image is a photograph of either a silicone or resin model. Yoda with human skin isn’t just a Photoshop creation; it actually exists in the real world and not just in your nightmares.

Eusebi’s work has gotten some recent attention after Olly Smith, a freelance video game critic, posted it to his Twitter account. Plenty of folks chimed in jokingly chastising Smith, and plenty of others posted photos of the people human skin Yoda reminded them of.

Someone else replied a photo of Stuart Freeborn, the makeup artist who designed Yoda, basing the friendly Jedi’s on his own and Albert Einstein’s.

So there you have it, just another day on the internet where years-old, terrifying images of beloved movie characters are flying around, making everyone feel uncomfortable. It’s times like these that we’re thankful for the cleansing cuteness of Baby Yoda, Yoda with human skin’s diametric opposite.