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The Yankees Teamed Up to Defend a Bullied Fourth Grader

The team rallied behind the girl via an online video.

New York Yankees Twitter

The New York Yankees are going to bat for Cassidy Warner, a 10-year-old girl who posted a video on Facebook of herself holding signs that detailed the bullying she received at school. Cassidy claimed to have been abused emotionally and physically for three years, and has even received death threats. The Yankees responded to her pleas by making a similar video, and telling her they stood with her. 

Cassidy’s original video was originally posted to her Facebook page (before the page and post were deleted at the behest of her school district) and chronicled some of the struggles that the 10-year-old goes through at school every day.

“I feel so alone, I feel like I have no one. It hurts,” one of Warners signs reads.

The Yankees made a video in the same style of Warner’s and posted it on their official Twitter page. Every one from CC Sabathia to Giancarlo Stanon and Aaron Boone took turns expressing support for the downtrodden 10-year-old’s struggle.

“Hey Cassidy – we saw the video you made and from all of us here at the New York Yankees, we want you to know that you are not alone,” the caption on the Yankees video says. “We have your back!” 

The team went on to praise the young girl’s courage and acknowledged that sharing her story so candidly must have been really hard for her and that they all look up to her strength.

“Count the New York Yankees among your friends! You can sit next to us at lunch anytime,” they said.

Though the Yankees’ video has been favorited about 8,500 times, they aren’t the first public figures to express support for Warner. After seeing her video, actor Hugh Jackman expressed his support for the girl and begged her to “ever stop asking for help.”