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Yale Rescinds Admission of Student After Parents Allegedly Paid $1.2 Million Bribe

That's a lot of money down the drain.


Yale has officially rescinded the admission of an anonymous student whose offer came as part of the Operation Varsity Blues scandal roiling college campuses across the country. The parents of the anonymous student paid a stunning $1.2 million in bribes to guarantee their child a place at the Ivy League university.

The scandal encompassed two different schemes. One focused on standardized testing, as proctors helped students taking the test and even changed their answers after the fact in some instances. The other, which appears to be what the Yale student was implicated in, involved students posing as athletes with the cooperation of college coaches, who have a say in the admissions process.

In an FAQ posted to the website of the Yale president, the university announced that two students received fraudulent athletic endorsements from Rudy Meredith, the head coach of the women’s soccer team in 1995. Their goal was to bypass the standard admissions process and secure spots reserved for athletes. One student was not admitted; one student was.

The university said that federal privacy law and Yale policy prevents it from announcing the name of either student.

Meredith resigned from his position in November, the day before Yale learned about the scheme through a grand jury subpoena. Since his involvement came to light, the Yale Daily News reported that Meredith pressured his players to edit and even write papers for him as he pursued a graduate degree. His name has been removed from an endowed coaching position funded by Yale women’s soccer boosters.

Yale joins USC, which denied admission to six students implicated in the scandal. Other schools have indicated that they are considering similar steps.