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‘Wreck-It Ralph 2’ Will Feature a Grand Meeting of the Disney Princesses

From Pochahontas to Elsa to Belle, they all make one mind-bending cameo.


Based on a new clip from the upcoming sequel to Wreck-It Ralph, viewers are in for a huge treat: All of the Disney princesses ⏤ from Pochahontas to Elsa to Belle ⏤ make a mind-bending cameo appearance. In fact, in Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2, they’re all gathered in the same room together as they meet the newest princess, Vanellope, during her journey onto the internet with her best friend Ralph.

If it doesn’t feel like a huge deal, it should. While the Disney brand in general already seems to have slipped into every pop culture crack, Disney princesses have their own separate cult of personality. In fact, some of them are arguably more famous than the films in which they appeared. Interestingly, they’ll be giving Vanellope some very regal advice as she traverses the ‘net with Ralph on a quest for a missing arcade game part.   

Cooler still, all the living actresses who originally voiced the characters will be reprising their roles, as well. The princess scene was screen-tested for a select group of super fans at the D23 Expo last year and, according to the film’s director Rich Moore, it received a positive response. He said the reaction reminded him of something from the era of Beatlemania.

“I saw a woman in her chair sort of hyperventilating when it was all over because she couldn’t believe it had happened,” Moore said.

Wreck-It Ralph 2 hits theatres on November 21st.