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The World’s Largest Model Train Set Might Be Bigger Than Your House

Andrew Wilcox

If your kid gets more juiced by model trains than Pokemon Go, first, how did you do that? And second, your both going to want to check out Northlandz, the world’s largest model railroad in the world. Located in Flemington, New Jersey, the entire 16-acre attraction was built by one man, Bruce Zaccagnino, who appears to be auditioning for set-building work on Wes Anderson’s new movie.

According to his website, Zaccagnino is a man of many conductor hats, having worked as a concert musician, entrepreneur, computer software game developer and a publisher. but, with 100 trains on more than 8 miles of track, a 30-foot mountain, 400 bridges and trestles that reach up to 40 feet high, and about 500,000 miniature trees, Northlandz is clearly the thing for which he’ll be remembered. 

Some Kind Of Quest from Andrew Wilcox on Vimeo.

As short film above notes, Northlandz is pretty unknown and definitely underrated, so if you’re anywhere near New Jersey, you might want to stop by before the word gets out (sorry for helping with that). As a bonus, it’s located in the same complex as a doll museum, which kind of makes you wonder if Wes Anderson should just turn the whole place into his next movie set.

[H/T] Atlas Obscura