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These Guys Just Broke The Record For World’s Largest LEGO Ship While At Work


You’ve seen a lot of impressive things made out of LEGOs, but that doesn’t make them Guinness World Record-worthy. That kind of title is reserved for stuff like this: a ship built from more than one million LEGOs that’s nearly 40-foot long and over 6,000 pounds. And no, your kid can’t fit it in the bathtub.

The Jubilee Seaways was built by the employees of DFDS A/S, a Danish shipping and transport services company. And they weren’t just trying to break the record for the hell of it — they did it to honor the company’s 150th anniversary. Because 900 man hours is a great way to celebrate a century and a half hard work, and spending all of those work hours with LEGOs is a great way to inspire kids to appreciate a job well done.

Appropriately, the ship was christened by breaking a LEGO bottle of champagne against the side of the boat, but can it float? You’re damn right it can, and will sail around Europe to give families across the pond a peak. In case you miss it, it’s probably not a good idea to try this at home. While it’s “technically” safe, the process of building would probably teach your kid why LEGO is a 4-letter word.