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Map Says These Are The Best And Worst States For Working From Home

Using 12 different metrics, they ranked all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia.


There’s been a whole lot of newness over the past year as we navigate the ongoing pandemic. Many of us have kids who have been doing school online. And many of us have shifted from office work to a work-from-home environment. This new shift in home offices has had its pros and cons, and not every job or life situation is set up best for working from home. But a new map highlights the states that have the best and worst conditions from working from home, and here’s what you need to know.

Finance site WalletHub wanted to find out which states are best suited for work-from-home life. They used several different metrics to calculate this, including access to the internet, cybersecurity levels, average home size, average yard size, the average cost of utilities, and the state’s share of potential telecommuters.

There were 12 relevant metrics broken down into two categories: work environment and living environment. The site then weighed each of the metrics appropriately based on its potential impact and then did the law of averages to compile the ranks.

“We then determined each state and the District’s weighted average across all metrics to calculate its overall score and used the resulting scores to rank-order our sample,” WalletHub explains.

Looking at all the data and weighting, WalletHub determines that Delaware proved to be the best for working from home, with a total score of 65.51 out of a possible 100. On the other side, Hawaii (45.70) and Alaska (37.73) rank at the worst spot for remote workers.

Looking deeper at the results, Colorado is considered the best state in terms of work environment but didn’t do as well in living environment, dropping the state’s overall standing to 12th spot. Georgia took the top place for the living environment but did mediocre in the work environment. The average of the two landed Georgia in the third spot on the list.

Source: WalletHub

The finance site put all the data into an easy-to-read map. The darker the color, the better the state for working-from-home. It’s clear, looking at the map, that states outside the Continental US aren’t where the work-from-home environment is thriving.

WalletHub reports there’s been a huge jump in working from home since 2020. Most of the increase has been driven by the pandemic. Before COVID-19, only 20% of all employed people whose job could be done remotely actually worked from home all or most of the time.

“Now, that number has risen to 71%, with 54% saying they would want to continue working from home after the pandemic ends,” the site reveals.

It will be interesting to see over the next few months to year how the work-from-home balance shifts.