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Here’s How a Woman Just Gave Birth to Three Babies a Month Apart

She didn't even know she was pregnant.


On March 21, a woman in Bangladesh gave birth to twins—just 26 days after giving birth to another baby in late February.

Arifa Sultana, 20, arrived at Ad-Din Hospital complaining of stomach pain, CNN reports. After doing an ultrasound, doctors found that she had two uteruses, a condition known as uterus didelphys.

“We were very shocked and surprised. I have never observed something like this before,” Dr. Sheila Poddar, the gynecologist who assisted in Sultana’s birth, said to BBC. She added that Sultana “had no idea that she had two other babies.”

Poddar then performed an emergency C-section to deliver a healthy baby boy and girl. She told BBC that both Sultana and her newborns, who were discharged from the hospital four days later, are doing well.

According to the National Institutes of Health, the chances of having two uteruses and giving birth to twins is less than one in a million. Dr. S.N. Basu, head of obstetrics and gynecology at Max Healthcare hospital in New Delhi, explained to CNN how the condition occurs: “When the uterus develops, it comes from two tubes, and those tubes fuse together. For some women, the fusion does not occur, and the dividing wall does not dissolve.”

Despite its rarity, uterus didelphys is easily detected during a routine ultrasound. However, Sultana, who’s from a remote village, had never had a scan before. “From rural areas, people don’t know what is wrong with them. They don’t know how many children they are pregnant with and sometimes whether they are pregnant,” Basu told CNN.

And while Sultana is concerned about the financial burden of three children, her husband is optimistic. “It was a miracle from Allah that all of my children are healthy. I will try my best to keep them happy,” he said in an interview with The Guardian.