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To Celebrate Her Divorce, This Woman Blew Up Her Wedding Dress

Going out with a bang.

Carla Santleben-Newport/Facebook

A Texas woman celebrated her divorce over the weekend by blowing up her wedding dress with a shotgun and 20 pounds of an explosive known as tannerite. In a video posted to Facebook late Saturday evening, 43-year-old Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler hits the dress on her first shot, causing an explosion heard 15 miles away.

It all took place at Santleben-Stiteler’s divorce party, where about 40 friends and family gathered at her family’s farm in LaCoste, Texas to celebrate the end of her 14-year marriage, which was finalized the day before. She decided to host the event after cleaning out some of her ex-husband’s things and finding her wedding dress, which she says “represented a lie.”

So instead of donating the dress, Santleben-Stiteler, along with the help of her dad and brother-in-law, rigged it with explosives and set it up a safe 200 yards away before taking aim. “On the one hand, it was like being on set of some action movie. The explosion was huge,” Santleben-Stiteler described.

Posted by Carla Santleben-Newport on Saturday, November 10, 2018

And the guests, who are heard shouting and cheering as the dress goes up in flames, weren’t the only ones who experienced the blast. “We were all getting messages asking if that was our explosion people were feeling and hearing around the county,” sister Carla Santleben-Newport, who posted the video, laughed. “It was like, ‘Uh, is everything okay over there?’”

And according to Santleben-Stiteler (who even wore a tiara with a sign saying “I’m not with stupid anymore”), things were more than okay. “It was liberating pulling that trigger. It was closure for all of us,” the new divorcée explained, adding, “It wasn’t done for [my ex-husband] or about him. It was just our family having a fun-filled celebration.”