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Witness the Plasticine Horror of LEGO “It”

Some stop animators brought the opening scene of it to life with LEGOs. It doesn't make Pennywise any less terrifying.

Usually, LEGOs are only scary when, early in the morning, you step directly on a rogue pile of bricks and it startles the hell out of you. But after seeing YouTube stop animators Brick Force Studios nightmarish recreation of the opening scene of Stephen King’s IT, the bricks are now the stuff of bad dreams.

In the opening scene of IT, the young, ill-fated Georgie runs down the street in the rain, following his paper boat. When his boat ends up going down a sewer grate, the young boy peeks down and sees the grinning face of Pennywise, the world’s worst clown/ancient entity. It’s a deeply unsettling scene. And surprisingly, the use of LEGOs doesn’t make it any less so. 

The animation is pretty incredible. The raindrops. The way the boat moves downstream. The design of the street. LEGO Georgie, in his signature yellow raincoat and square head, seems young and innocent as ever. And Pennywise, even in brick form, is nightmare-inducing. Thankfully Brick Force goes easy on us. The clip ends as Georgie edges nearer to the edge of the gutter, stretching his arm out so we miss out on the grisly scene setter.

The big screen adaptation of IT, which released earlier this month, has been absolutely slaying at the box office — and is the saving grace of the worst summer movie season in a decade. The film outperformed Darren Aronofsky’s “mother!” in its debut weekend and took in 60 million in the weekend after its release. Perhaps a LEGO-ized spoof is in order. Hey, it worked well for Batman.