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Will Smith Expertly Trolls Son With New Video

Clearly, the Fresh Prince still has a few lyrics in his utility belt.


Since getting on social media, Will Smith has become a god-level internet dad-troll. After his son Jaden dropped a video for his song “Icon” in November of 2017, Smith took the opportunity to poke a bit of fun at his 19-year-old by recreating a quick scene from the video in which he wears gratuitous amounts of gold jewelry and turned his skinny jeans into jorts. Now Smith is at it again, gently teasing his son with a hilarious remix of “Icon” that includes his own guest verse.

And Smith’s verse is actually pretty good. Back in the pre-dad-pre-movie-stardom days when he was still going by the ‘Fresh Prince’, Smith was held in high esteem as a rapper. As the years passed, however, the 49-year-old star became known more for his acting chops than his ability to drop rhymes and the quality of his music declined in tandem. But on the “Icon” remix, Smith is far from shy about letting his son, and the world, know that all Jaden’s swaggy cool-guy clout didn’t just fall out of the sky.  

“Boy do you know why you was an icon living / you was born from an icon living / messed around married me an icon living / tequila, yeah we made some icon children,” Smith raps.

Wildly enough, Smith didn’t just drop some great bars in English but took a rather convincing stab at rapping in Spanish too. He’s been dropping a freestyle here and there for a few months now and is supposedly linking up with DJ Jazzy Jeff to potentially make some new music. A father-son rap album would be tight, but it’s also nice to just hear Smith rap again.