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Why Long Star Wars Lines at Disneyland Are Really Good News For Some Families

Lines just got a lot shorter at classic Disneyland rides, thanks to the power of the Force.

Waiting in line for rides at Disneyland isn’t easy when you’re a little kid holding in a pee-pee, and it’s even harder on the parent also holding in pee-pee while craving a 15-hour nap preceded by a stiff martini. But, recently, thanks to the overwhelming popularity of  Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, an interesting and unexpected side effect has hit Disneyland: lines for attractions and rides not part of the new Star Wars land got a lot shorter.

On Tuesday, The Orange County Register reported that “Disneyland has been experiencing some of the smallest queues that it has seen on sunny days in years.” And, that fact is almost certainly because the crowds are being drawn to Galaxy’s Edge, leaving the spinning teacups, It’s a Small World, the Haunted Mansion, and Splash Mountain, all pretty easy to get into without waiting too long. Which, if your a family with really small kids, this is actually great news. The spinning teacups are, indisputably awesome. Plus, get ready for this truth bomb: Not all children love Star Wars!

So, if your kid is more interested in Cinderella’s castle than flying the Millennium Falcon, this summer is the summer to go to Disneyland. If your kid can live with the lightsabers you buy at Target but needs a pair of real Mikey Mouse ears from the Happiest Place on Earth, the best Disneyland hack ever is hiding in plain sight: Let go of your need to go to Star Wars Land during your vacation.

A true Jedi is all about letting go of attachment. If your family doesn’t need to drink a soda-pop shaped like BB-8, and just wants regular Disneyland stuff, this can be a great moment.