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Why Chocolate Is The Latest Superfood For Parents

An unchecked sweet tooth can lead to increased dadbod, lousy teeth, and diabetes. Given that one of your jobs as a father is to definitely not get diabetes, it’s easy to see candy as the enemy. But you might want to consider calling a truce with chocolate, because a recent longitudinal study linked chocolate consumption to higher cognitive function.

The research was distilled from an unrelated study that’s been tracking the link between blood pressure and brain function since the 70s. Between 2001 and 2006, the researchers tracked participants’ diets as well, and that data was expanded on by a team at the University Of South Australia. They found that people who consumed chocolate once a week had stronger visual-spatial memory and organization, working memory, scanning and tracking, abstract reasoning, and mini-mental state examinations. That last one is a test that determines cognitive impairment, but go ahead and tell your partner that it means chocolate helps you read your kid’s mind.


All this is just the chocolate-covered cherry on top of existing research, which found cocoa flavanols can stem age-related cognitive decline. And the results transcended variables like education, cardiovascular risk factors, dietary habits, and even age — which means you might want to loosen Junior’s chocolate leash a little bit. Then again, given recent findings related to sugar and kids’ brains, maybe not. So … more chocolate for you!

H/T Washington Post