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Here’s Who’s Looking At Their Phones The Most And It’s Not Those Damn Kids

You don’t have to be a radical ageist to think that teenagers are insane about their phone addictions, but new data from the Nielsen Global Survey found that Generation Xers (35-49 year olds) and Baby Boomers (50-64) were even worse with the pphubbing during meals. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw phones, unless that’s the only way to get it away from the dinner table.

While 15-20 year olds used phones 38 percent of the time during meals, and 21-34 year olds used them 40 percent of the time, 35-49 year olds reported using their phones 45 percent of the time. The worst group was actually your parents — 50-64 year olds topped out results at 52 percent of meal time on the phone, but, to be fair, that’s because they were just trying to figure out what an app is and whether or not they could eat it. The results rely on self disclosure and young people might be liars, but there’s another potential generational explanation: email. Almost 60 percent of adults check their email on vacation, 6 percent have at a funeral and another 6 percent have checked their email while a spouse was in labor (no judgement — it can get boring). Meanwhile, teens and 20-something’s email use is cratering.


No matter how much you look at your phone while eating, take pride in the fact that you aren’t doing it to SnapChat pictures of your food, but to work, earn money and occasionally share some piece of Internet wisdom with your family. Though you may want consider unplugging on occasion, if nothing else, to get less food on your phone.

[H/T] Priceonomics