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Holiday Hatchimals Are Failing To Hatch And Families Are Not Happy About It

Parents who “shelled” out upwards of $300 on this years hottest Christmas gift have learned an important lesson: Don’t count your Hatchimals before they, well, hatch. Moms and dads took to Twitter to complain that their kids’ birds were failing break away from their shells. You knew your toddler would make a terrible parent (at least right now), but you probably weren’t planning on using their Christmas present to rub that in.

Spin Master, the Canadian company that makes Hatchimals, urged angry tweeters to contact customer service. But when many of these calls were put on hold and disconnected, that just pissed the angry moms and dads off more – you’ve been there. Since then the company has released a more detailed statement, first apologizing to consumers, because come on. They also said they will be adding more customer service reps with longer hours, and releasing a detailed troubleshooting guide for when you have to perform Hatchimal surgery.

When parents weren’t needing to perform extensive veterinarian surgery to induce their birds, they experienced other problems, including faulty batteries. Perhaps more problematic, some have been accused of saying the F word in their sleep, and many, many YouTube videos have surfaced sort of documenting this. (You may remain unconvinced.) Whether you got hustled into buying a Hatchimal or are sitting smug about avoiding it, everyone can agree on one thing — swearing is your job.

[H/T] NY Daily News