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Ready Or Not, It’s About To Be The Worst Possible Time Of Year For Road Rage

On the surface, it seems like the only difference between general parenting rage and full out road rage is the wheels. But when the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reports that the number of fatal car crashes as a result of road rage have been on the rise since 2004, you may want to take a pause before you threaten to “turn this damn car around.” The good people at the Auto Insurance Center aren’t calling you an irrational driver, but they have attempted to figure out where and when the most road rage occurs. Even if you can’t avoid it, you can mentally prepare.

They study analyzed 65,535 Instagram posts with #RoadRage, to determine the times, days, months and cities where the most road rage occurs. Some of the findings are what you’d expect — road rage peaks during rush hour, topping out at 6 p.m., escalates Monday through Friday, and is the worst in New York and Los Angeles. More surprisingly, Hawaii is the leading state for road rage (is there only one road?), and the deceptively named city of Mount Pleasant, North Carolina was one of the top 3 cities. No matter where you live, road rage is at it’s highest during the summer, peaking in August, which explains why you never want to go on vacation ever again.

It’s important to note that this data is only looking that the people who were so full of rage they used a hashtag express it. And since they’re probably Instagramming while driving, everyone on road around them thinks they’re an asshole, too. It’s also likely is that this just represents a specific, millennial-based cross-section of road ragers, who really have nothing to be angry about because they didn’t just strap a toddler into a car seat. They give zero f–ks about your “Baby On Board” sticker.

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