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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant’s Rant About ‘Loveless Marriage’ Goes Viral

“She cursed my life with three step-children named Star, RJ, and Ryan. And I have one rotten grandson.”

Marriage is a tough gig, full of ups and downs. And one Wheel of Fortune contestant has gone viral after hilariously opening up about his “loveless marriage” on the popular game show.

Usually, contestants use their introduction to share where they are from and maybe a “fun fact.” Blair Davis decided to go a different route. When he was asked by host Pat Sajak to talk about his life, Davis talked a bit about his trucking business in San Diego before shocking Sajak and viewers by opening up about his less than ideal family life.

“I’ve been trapped in a loveless marriage for the last 12 years to an old battle-axe named Kim,” Davis said. “She cursed my life with three step-children named Star, RJ, and Ryan. And I have one rotten grandson.”

“No wonder you came here,” Sajak responded. “You just wanted to get away from everybody.”

Fortunately, Davis followed up, explaining that he may have been slightly exaggerating about the dire state of his marriage for the sake of entertainment.

“I know you’re being facetious… one would hope,” Sajak said.

“Absolutely,” replied Davis. “I love them like nobody’s business.”

Davis proved how much of a family man he really is, saying that even his ZZ Top-style facial hair only exists because his “rotten” grandson is a massive fan.

“I started growing the beard a couple years back, and every time I threaten to shave it off, he gives me a really hard time,” Davis explained. “He’s grown really used to it.”

“Don’t get it tangle up in the wheel. That’s all we ask,” Sajak replied.

While husbands complaining about their terrible marriages is hardly a new development in comedy, Davis may be the first to bring the perspective to the traditionally blasé game show chit chat. For that reason, Davis’ resonated with viewers and he quickly became a viral sensation, with many people noting that it was the first time they had watched Wheel of Fortune in years.