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What’s a Halloween Tree? And Why the Hell Do People Put Them Up in August?

When it is very much still summer.

We may have our disagreements about when it’s appropriate to put up Christmas decor, but I think we can all agree that August is too damn early. This year, the bizarre trend of “Halloween trees” has been circulating once again, and it’s basically just a sneaky way of celebrating Christmas even earlier. Yes, people all over the internet have been putting up Halloween trees in their houses since AUGUST, and we are so confused.

In case you were wondering what that Halloween tree is (because, you know, it’s never been a thing), a Halloween tree is essentially the exact same as a faux Christmas tree, but with orange and black colors and Halloween-themed ornaments. Yes, this is an actual thing human beings have been constructing in their homes. In fact, there are already more than 36,000 posts on Instagram with the hashtag #halloweentree, where folks are showing off their spooky creations. Some even put their trees up as early as June, which feels excessive even by crazy Halloween tree standards.

Though we can’t be too surprised, given that people have been finding creative ways to extend the holiday calendar for years now. What’s next, a caroling/trick-or-treating hybrid? Oh god, please, no. Take a look at some of this year’s most elaborate Halloween trees, which admittedly are pretty impressive, albeit ridiculous.

Like this one, which appears to have watermelon jack-o-lanterns scattered throughout? Makes sense, I guess, given that it’s SUMMER.


Okay, fine, the pumpkin tree topper is pretty cute.

Um, this one will probably give your kids nightmares. Do not recommend.