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What President Trump’s Budget Proposal Means For You And Your Kids

flickr / Gage Skidmore

This morning, President Trump released crucial details that outline how he’s going to run the country like a business: his budget. And for parents, it involves a lot more than funding for your kid’s favorite PBS shows. Trump’s plan cuts environmental, housing, health, and educational programs, while increasing defense and military spending ⏤ all while running almost a half-trillion-dollar deficit.

In total, the preliminary 2018 budget proposal eliminates funding for 19 government agencies. This includes a 21 percent ($4.7 billion) cut to the Agricultural Department, an 18 percent ($15.1 billion) cut to the Department of Health and Human Services, a 14 percent ($9.2 billion) cut to the Education Department, a 13 percent ($6.2 billion) cut to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and a 6 percent ($1.7 billion) cut to the Energy Department. So, yes, he’s slashing prices like a waterbed salesman in the early 90s.

Among many, many other programs, this could eliminate the $200 million McGovern-Dole International Food For Education program, and decrease assistance for the Woman, Infants And Children assistance program from $6.4 million to $6.2 million. Trump also hopes to cut $102 million by terminating 4 upcoming NASA missions aimed at understanding climate change, and another $115 million by scrapping NASA’s Office Of Education. What’s next, space camp?

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Despite a budget that cuts $3.7 billion in grants for teacher training, after-school and summer programs, and aid programs for low-income and first-generation students, education is reportedly the one area ⏤ other than defense and military ⏤ where the Trump administration wants to reinvest. With the help of Betsy DeVos, the $59 billion education budget would increase charter-school funding by $168 million, create a new $250 million private-school choice program, and drop $1 billion to encourage districts to allow federal funds (meant for low-income students) to follow families to the school of their choice.

Still, it’s important to note that until approved by congress, this proposed budget is just that — a proposal. Though critics doubt that this blueprint will pass as-is, it is an indicator of where the President’s priorities lie, and it’s not exactly business as usual.

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