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Netflix’s New Report On Binge Watching Can Help Optimize Your Kid-Free TV Time


Binge watching can be loosely defined as watching 2 to 6 episodes of a single show in one sitting, or as you like to define it, what people do when they don’t have kids. To be fair, you still do it, the only difference is that you now call it “date night,” and watching some kid-free TV is only one half of the goal. Pick carefully, or you could find yourself falling down a Kardashian hole of multiple low calorie episodes and never get to the “chill” part of “Netflix and chill” (according to the kids, that could mean sex!).

Looking at the streaming routines of subscribers in 190 countries and roughly 100 television series, they developed a “Binge Scale,” which they will hopefully keep far, far away from your bathroom. Surprisingly, the shows that were consumed the fastest weren’t reality shows, but rather shows with the most suspense and active storytelling, like The Fall and The Walking Dead, series that were completed in 4 days and viewed in 2 hour and 30 minute increments on average. Bingers watched shows that blend comedy and drama at the same rate, such as Orange Is The New Black, Nurse Jackie, Grace and Frankie, and other shows your wife may trick you into liking.

Darker, more complicated shows, occasionally with a political bent, tend to be consumed more slowly. For example, Bloodline, Narcos and House of Cards, were all watched in shorter volumes, taking about 6 days to complete in 45 minute sittings. Offbeat comedies like The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Arrested Development, and Wet Hot American Summer were more likely to be watched in similarly smaller doses, and Bojack Horsemen was the least bingeable show of them all (which explains why that horse is so depressed).

So if it’s your turn to pick, stick to the “shows to savor” (Netflix’s term), unless you think 6-plus hours about women in prison will get the missus in the mood. And, if it’s her turn, see if you can trick her into watching Bojack Horsemen — that’s a fun party game that could end with you two in bed quickly (although possibly because she’s annoyed with you).

[H/T] The Los Angeles Times