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Here’s What Happens When Parents Agree to Get a Tattoo of Their Kid’s Drawings

Who needs a refrigerator when you can wear their art on your arm?

Whether their kid presents a piece of paper that looks like it’s been murdered with crayon or a picture that kind-of, sort-of looks like it could be a house, parents always say they love the artwork. To put this love to the test, YouTube channel Cut convinced a group of parents to have their kids’ next drawing permanently tattooed on them. The results, as you could imagine, were *kisses fingers like a chef*.

Each kid artist took a different approach. When asked what he was drawing, one boy named Maddox simply replied, “Super Maddox. He’s a character from my comic.” The drawing did not disappoint: On one side of Super Maddox was his mommy, while on the other there was a stick-like figure with the word “robber” underneath it. His mom managed to talk him out of adding the ‘robber’ but still chuckled before expressing some light regret regarding her willingness to go through with the tattoo. At least “Super Maddox” saving his mom from being robbed is a pretty cogent concept for a drawing, the same can’t be said for some of the others.

As scary as the prospect of actually having  a child design your tattoo is, parents from all over are turning the activity into a trend. There’s something hilariously sentimental about that kind of commitment. One mother in the video hits the nail right on the head when she says, “I think it’s really cool that I have something that will kinda mark this moment in time with her. because she’s changing so fast.”