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This is Why You Don’t Let Little Kids Near Your Giant Jenga Tower

It was always gonna gonna go down this way. What a waiting game.

Small children and incredibly delicate display’s of any kind almost never mix. But that didn’t stop this Jenga enthusiast from building a massive Jenga tower in a crowded square surrounded by several spectators. The creator takes his block building to teetering heights, and the on-lookers ooh and aah all the way through. It’s an impressive feat for sure. But it didn’t stop a tiny onlooker from going rogue and knocking the whole thing over.

This is really one of those videos where the outcome is almost totally certain, but following through and watching the tower topple is a must. Despite clearly taking some time to build, as well as being so tall that adding another brick required a step-stool after, the intricate display was reduced to a pile of wooden bricks that spilled over the concrete. The crowd and the builder managed to have a good laugh and take the whole snafu in stride. That’s the game.