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Everything You Need To Know This Week If You’re A Parent

This week in parenting, grocery shopping became a little weird as news broke that the U.S. is facing both a vanilla ice cream shortage and cheese surplus. Science said you might be eating too much to sleep or have sex well, not to mention the dust in your home could make your kid fat. And finally, salary experts told you what the average salary for would be moms, just in time for Mother’s Day (yes, it’s this weekend). Luckily, you can probably compensate the mother of your children with pancakes this time around.

Survive The Looming Vanilla Ice Cream Crisis With These 8 Flavors That Are Way Better Anyway
If you were looking for a reason to up your ice cream game, now is the time to think outside the pint. A bad harvest in Madagascar has lead to a worldwide vanilla shortage, and that’s not even the plot to a DreamWorks cartoon sequel. Read more…

What Happened In The News This Week For Dads

Friday Night Lights

Salary Experts Just Put A (Huge) Dollar Amount On All The Unpaid Work Done By Mothers surveyed mom’s about their household tasks and found that they’d make a pretty penny based on the work they do. No one is saying Dads shouldn’t get paid too, this study is simply giving credit where credit is due. Read more…

Ready Or Not Samsung Is Taking Your Bedtime Stories Into Virtual Reality
If you have ever used FaceTime with your kid to say goodnight when you’re not their to tuck theme in, get ready to take that to the next level. Samsung is currently testing an app along with virtual headsets that will let you travel through a bedtime story together, no matter where you are — as long as you want your kid falling asleep in a headset. Read more…

How Eye Contact With Your Baby Can Improve Their Attention Span
If you’re worried about your kid’s ability to pay attention, the secret may hidden in what you’re looking at when you play with them. Also, put your phone down every once in a while, after reading this. Read more… 

What Happened In The News This Week For Dads

Proof That The Playground Sandbox Is Full Of Things You Don’t Want On Your Kid
You thought the sandbox was more suited for cat turds and you were kind of right. Sandboxes are potentially full of crap you don’t want your kid near. Read more… 

Your Kid’s Addiction To Grilled Cheese Just Might Solve The Looming Cheese Crisis
Currently the U.S. is sitting on a stockpile of european and American cheeses. Your kid might not be the hero this food surplus asked for, but their the hero it needs. Read more…

Another Study Finds The Kids Of Gay Parents Are No More Screwed Up Than Anyone Else
A new study shows that when a dad dates or marries another dad, the well-being of their children is no different than when there’s a mom in the mix. Two dads aren’t necessarily better than one, but they’re doing as good of a job as anyone else. Read more… 

What Happened In The News This Week For Dads

Flickr / Schristia

Elementary School Kids Think Like Conservation Biologists Without Even Trying
You know your kid loves wild animals (they have a lot in common). But what you may not know is that they’re ready to go pro with this. Read more… 

Your Dirty House Might Be Making Your Kid Fat
Scientists have found chemicals in household stuff that may activate a receptor in your developing kid that could cause obesity. Don’t know what that means? Clean up just in case. Read more…

Science Says The Secret To Better Sex Is Eating Less
Science has betrayed you in the past before, but never in a way that wanted to get you laid. You’re going to have some mixed emotions about what this study is asking of you: stop comparing sex to pizza, for starters. Read more…

What Happened In The News This Week For Dads

That 70’s Show

Good News: Legalized Marijuana Won’t Make It Easier For Your Kids To Get High
When it comes to legal pot, the times they are a changing. Rest assured that new research out of Washington suggests that your children wont immediately turn into Cheech and Chong. In other words, if you’re worried about your kids getting weed, hide your stash better, man. Read more…