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‘Jurassic World’ Photos Made With Toys Defy Belief

Looks like some money can be saved on 'Jurassic World 3.'

Jorge Saenz

The creators behind the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies can probably save a little money on the eventual sequel to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. It turns out photos of toy dinosaurs are more convincing than computer-generated prehistoric monsters. A new series of photographs proves dino toys beat “real” dinos any day of the week.

On Monday, the official Jurassic World Instagram account went straight for the nostalgia jugular by posting photographs of toy dinosaurs shot to look legitimate enough to be stills from an actual “Jurassic” movie, or at the very least, slick enough to make everyone’s inner-9-year-old super jealous. Since the height of dinomania (arguably the ’80s and the ’90s) the only thing kids (and grownups) have wanted to see more than dinosaur bones have been convincing dinosaur toys.

Right now, there are basically two camps you can fall into in terms of great dinosaur toys: the Schleich camp or the Jurassic camp. Schleich makes dinosaur toys that have a sort of museum-like quality going on. They’ve also been making toys like this since the 1950s, so there’s a classic quality to these dinos. (You can buy some here.)

But, if you want more action, you’ve totally got to go the Jurassic route. These toys have a lot of movement, which means they’re easier to play with. Plus, as these new photos prove, you can really convince yourself (or your kids) that these dinos mean business.

Universal and viral Paraguayan professional photographer Jorge Saenz – best known for his popular #DinoDinaSeries that inserts toy dinosaurs from his childhood into stunning landscape photos – have partnered to create a new twist on his series that brings the franchise’s prehistoric creatures to life in a variety of natural and urban settings. And the results are awesome.

You can grab Jurassic World toys (including this awesome T-Rex) right here. 


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