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Well, Disney Definitely Cracked the Whole Donut Thing

Look at this glorious, mouse-earred creation.

Instagram / @michaellskyes

If there’s one thing that the entire world can largely agree on, it’s that donuts are delicious creations worthy of the highest reverence. Be it jelly, Bavarian chocolate cream, or some artisanal creation whose frosting contains some hard-to-pronounce fruit, there’s likely a donut that does it for you. And while it may seem that every possible iteration of the breakfast pastry has already been created, the big brains over at Disney have created what may be the next great discovery in donuts: this glorious, Mickey-shaped version at Disneyland Shanghai.

Now the bad news: The Disney dough is only available at Remy’s Patisserie at the Disneyland Park in Shanghai. Remy’s Patisserie is, of course, a nod to the fan-favorite Ratatouille, and the restaurant has stunning desserts that are Mickey-shaped, including mickey-mouse shaped cake pops, snowman-decorated cupcakes, Gusteau’s chocolate gateau milkshake, key lime vanilla milkshakes, and strawberry milkshakes, and more

While the Mickey donut is out of reach, Disney-themed food is ubiquitous at parks across the U.S. Mickey-Shaped Beignets are a fan favorite at the New Orleans Square in Disneyland. As is “Tigger’s Tails,” which is four marshmallows that are dipped in caramel and covered in white chocolate, sprinkles, and chocolate, that resemble the famous tiger’s green and brown striped tail. Mickey-shaped treats are sometimes in miniature, like Mickey-shaped sprinkles.

There’s no word on if the delights will ever make their way to the United States. But, at the very least, you can get your fix of the pastry perfection over on Instagram.