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These Hilarious Memes Nail That WTF Half-Time Show

Whether you loved or hated the performance, you're still gonna want to check out these memes.

The Super Bowl has officially come and gone and though the game itself did not turn out to be all that exciting thanks to Tom Brady‘s refusal to age, there was still plenty of entertaining moments throughout the night, especially the half-time show. The Weeknd’s unique performance proved to be divisive but more importantly, it became the subject of meme fodder, as everyone took to Twitter to rattle off their best takes on the mini-concert that featured no shortage of memorable moments from the popular singer. But tracking down memes the day after can often feel like a fool’s errand so here are a few of our favorite memes about the Weeknd’s performance.

Of course, the moment that got the biggest meme treatment was when the Weeknd seemed to run through a House of Mirrors looking extremely disoriented and confused. This was the moment that sparked a thousand memes and Twitter did not disappoint in delivering some truly hilarious one-liners.

Every kid who has ever lost their parent at a store could relate to the Weeknd in this moment.

And when it comes to memes, you know dogs are going to work their way into the conversation.

People also could not help noticing the background dancers and the masks they were wearing.

And a few people noticed how the dancers seemed to be inspired by Jordan Peele’s recent horror film.

Or maybe they were based on Shy Guy?

There were also a few quips regarding the Weeknd’s extreme close-up, with one user noticing how it was similar to what a lot of us are experiencing with remote work.

Or maybe it was more similar to late-night snacking.

These are just a few of the thousands of memes that were made to honor the half-time show. So enjoy because whether you loved or hated the Weeknd’s performance, we can all agree that the memes are outstanding.