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Everything You Need To Know This Week About Being A Parent

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This week in parenting you were armed with some unfortunate yet important facts about your daughter going through puberty way too soon. You learned that you suck at building with K’NEX when compared to a certain superhero YouTuber, and that your kid might suck at dating one day if they’re too into their smartphone. The FDA came close to a comic book villain when it declared ward on raw cookie dough, and the New York Times made your feed bad about everything else you love to eat with a recent survey of nutritionists. Finally, you found out how your happy marriage is making everyone around you appear much uglier (except for your spouse, of course).

Facts About Early Puberty In Girls

7 Not-So-Fun Facts About Early Puberty And What It Means For Your Daughter
As much as you wish your little girl could stay that way forever, the reality is that girls are going through puberty sooner than ever before. It’s called precocious puberty and it’s not nearly as adorable as that name implies. Read more…

Why Your Kid’s Phone Addiction Might Make Them Suck At Dating
Your kid is going to start dating one day and while you’re not exactly looking forward to it, you don’t want them to suck at it either. New research shows that if you want your kid to have any game, make sure they look up from their phones enough to develop it. Read more…

Blow Your Kid’s Mind With These Weird Historical Facts About The Beach
It’s beach season  and for you, that’s a mixed bag that will leave you wondering why people do this at all. Much like the Brexit, you can blame the brits for all the sand in your stuff. Read more…

This Giant Ball Machine Is The Most Ridiculous Use Of K’NEX You’ve Ever Seen
If you have a set of K’NEX in your house, good luck getting your kid to shut up about the this video. Nothing you make may ever top it, but seeing this 8-foot tall fortress in all of it’s glory makes it worth it. Read more…

The FDA Wants You And Your Kid To Stop Eating Raw Cookie Dough
Sure, the FDA isn’t your read dad, but when you consider the E. coli that’s been recalled in flour, you might be able to see their point. Don’t worry, fresh baked cookies wont be so bad. Read more…

So Your Kid Was Born On An International Flight — Now What?
Depending on where you live, where the plane is registers, and when you have your flyby baby, their citizenship could vary depending the laws of all the countries involved. Even if you never find yourself in this position, it’s something to bring up at your next dinner party. Read more…

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How A Happy Marriage Keeps You From Being Attracted To Other People
File this one under articles to read over pillow talk, because your spouse will be happy to hear that you only have eyes for them. A recent study found that happy couples find outsiders less attractive, so you should feel pretty stoked too. Read more…

Save These Hilarious Tweets About How God Makes Animals For Your Next Family Zoo Trip
When your kids asks where snakes, hippos, or pandas come from, you could look it up on Google. But it would be way more fun to consult with Twitter trend instead, because if you can’t teach them about animals you teach them about dad jokes. Read more…

Houses In The U.S. Are Getting Bigger As Lawns Shrink

Why The Increase In Average Home Size Isn’t Necessarily Great For Your Family
If you’re in the market for a new home, you might want to start phasing out one of your favorite phrases: Get off my lawn. As the size of homes increase and the size of lots decrease, the grass seems to be greener in the past, instead of on the other side. Read more…

A Statistical Breakdown Of All The Food You Think Is Healthy But Actually Isn’t
Parenting is stressful and it’s impossible to know everything, but according to this survey, a lot of people have no idea what food is healthy and what food isn’t. At least you’ll always have wine, and you’re never going to let the FDA take that away. Read more…