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Everything You Need To Know This Week About Being A Parent

PROSarah Stierch

This week in parenting you learned that you could live like Homer Simpson, become a maternity model, and enlist a robotic dog as your own Santa’s Little Helper. You were reminded that kindergarten isn’t what it used to be and that money isn’t a toy, no matter how much fun you have playing with it. Finally, the Department Of Labor tried to trick you into the doghouse, with their recent report on how you work more than your wife (as long as it’s not around the house).

Nevada House Used To Be An Exact Model Of The Simposns

Want To Live In An Exact Replica Of ‘The Simpsons’ House? Move To Vegas
The only thing crazier than the fact that Fox built an exact replica of the Simpson family house back in 1997, is that the lucky fan who won it opted out of living in it. Though it’s not as cartoony as it used to be, you can still visit if you’re in Nevada and avoiding Las Vegas. Read more…

The Big Change In How Kindergarten Is Taught And Why It Might Be A Bad Idea
No matter how you feel about the No Child Left Behind Act, it has changed a lot since 2001. A recent longitudinal study from the Department of Education looks at what’s exactly different, and it’s not a surplus of fun and games.  Read more…

Meet SpotMini, The Robot Dog That Might Take Over Your House
The robot dads at Boston Dynamics released their newest creation this week, SpotMini — the first dog that will do more chores than your children. Spot is not cute or cuddly, but it will load the dishwasher like a good bot. Read more…

Men Pose Like Pregnant Women For Beer Ad

Jung von Matt / Bergedorfer

German Beer Brewer Figures Out How To Do Pregnancy Photography For Guys
If you’ve never seen maternity boudoir photos, congratulations on your success. Perhaps it would be best to learn about the awkward trend in it’s more satirical form. It will either inspire you to become a model, crack a cold one, or all of the above. Read more…

Why Keeping Money Out Of Your Toddler’s Hands Is About More Than Just Hygiene
Another good reason to keep your mind on your money is because it’s better than your kid’s hands. New research shows that merely touching money made children as young as 3 years old less generous and helpful, just like grown ups. Read more…

The Unexpected Way Fathers Influence Their Kids’ Weight
There are plenty of reasons why you don’t want your kid to become overweight or obese, but one of them is because it’s kind of your fault. Science says your relationship with your son effect his waistline more than your daughter’s, and your dadbod does too. Read more…

giphy (21)

Why That New ‘Men Work More Than Women’ Statistic Is Problematic
A new report from the U.S. Department of Labor doesn’t exactly prove you work more than your wife, when you really do the math. However it does confirm that the government is not trying to get you laid. Read more…

These Are The Most Prestigious Careers For Your Kid To Pursue, According To Other People
Sometimes parenting isn’t just about keeping your eyes on your own paper, and it’s nice to know what everyone else is doing. That’s why the Harris Poll asked over 2,000 adults what they want their kids to be when they grow up, because you don’t have that kind of time. Read more…

Science Explains Why You Sort Of Want To Punch The Early Birds At Work
Even if you were once an early bird, those days are long behind your sleep deprived self. Now you can’t stand morning people and science says you have at least one good reason why. Read more…

Why Everyone Is Freaking Out About This New ADHD Drug
There are many options out there for treating ADHD, and now you can add a new medication to the list. The only problem is that the fruit flavored, dissolvable amphetamine known as Adzenys XR-ODT might be a little too sweet. Rest assured you still get to decide whether the convenience is worth the concern for you kid. Read more…