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Everything You Need To Know This Week About Being A Parent

Mark Strozier

This week in parenting you learned that the reason your kid trusts you might have something to do with you being really, really ridiculously good looking. But if your good looks aren’t exactly translating in the bedroom, a statistician thinks Game Of Thrones is to blame for your lack of literal game. Parents of thumbsuckers and nail biters were given reason to rejoice, because their kids might have fewer allergies later in life. Plus you found out what the hell Pokémon Go is, and while it’s no Nintendo NES Classic Edition, at least it will get you kid outside. All this news and more, because every week is busy when you’re a parent.

Cities And States Where You're Most Likely To Get Struck By Lightning

Exactly Where Not To Vacation If You Want To Avoid Being Struck By Lightning
You can’t control a lot of things in parenting, and the weather is one of them. Fortunately, you can control where to go, and 3 decades of weather data tells you exactly what region to avoid if you don’t want lightning to strike once, let alone twice. Sorry Florida! Read more…

What Your Face Has To Do With Whether Or Not Your Kid Trusts You
New research shows that children are influenced by the “physical attractiveness stereotype,” meaning they associate trustworthiness with physical attractiveness. Luckily, you’re a handsome dad. Read more…

Why That Job May, In Fact, Be The Death Of You
If you feel terrible and aren’t blaming your job, people at NPR and Harvard think you’re doing it wrong. Their latest survey reveals that Americans might be good at their jobs, but only because they’re terrible at self care. Time to take that vacation. Read more…

Tom Page

Tom Page

The Unexpected Upside To Thumb Sucking And Nail Biting
Trying to get your kid to stop sucking their thumb or biting their nails can be challenging enough to make you take up one of those habits to cope as well (don’t knock until you’ve tried it). But exciting new research says you may not have to because bacteria is downright magical. Read more…

Some Good News And Some Bad News About Your Kid’s Obsession With Pokémon Go
Ever since its July 6th release, Pokémon Go has had dads everywhere wondering what Dratini is. You may be a little disappointed to find out it’s not a cocktail. But this phenomena isn’t all bad — as long as your kid uses it responsibly and gives you your phone back. Read more…

The World’s Largest Model Train Set Might Be Bigger Than Your House
If you thought the setting of the world’s largest model railroad could only exist in your dreams, you were close. It’s actually located in New Jersey and recent short film shows that it’s more than worth the trip. Read more..

Pay No Attention To This Statistician Who Claims Netflix Ruins Your Sex Life
It’s easy to blame your kid on your dwindling sex life, but have you ever looked at your Netflix history? If you believe this Cambridge statistician, binge watching might be the real problem. It’s like “Netflix and chill” means nothing anymore. Read more…

Do You Drink More Or Less Than Everyone Else

Flowing Data

This Interactive Chart Shows Exactly How Much Booze Everyone Drinks
There are a lot of reason to crack open a cold one at the end of a long day, and now Flowing Data’s latest interactive graph reminds you of a classic excuse: Because everyone else is doing it. Now you can find out exactly how. Read more…

Why Paid Leave Can Help A Man’s Career And Hurt A Woman’s
To call paid parental leave a work in progress would be an understatement. A new study of parent professors shows that specific, equitable parenting policies aren’t panning out. Too bad you’re benefiting once again.  Read more…

Nintendo’s New NES Classic Is Basically Pokémon Go For Dads
Move over Pikachu, because Mario and Luigi are coming back — and they get you. Mark your calendar for November because Nintendo is coming out with a new, improved, and much small NES Classic Edition that will bring you back to the good old days, without all the blowing into a cartridge. Read more…

This Bra Company Is Helping Men Understand The Big Boob Struggle By Giving Them A Pair
You’ve always been a big fan of boobs of all sizes, but that doesn’t mean you understand what it’s like to lug around a pair. That is, unless you work for this particular German bra company. These guys get it. Read more…

You Might Be Able To Watch Neflix Without The Internet Within The Next Year
According to industry insiders, Netflix may be rolling out a download-to-go option within the next year. That could mean that you’ll be able access tantrum-proof kids’ programming anywhere from the woods, to an apocalypse — in your backseat. Read more…

Why You Being Hungry Might Lead To Your Kids Being Stuffed
There are a lot of things you shouldn’t do when you’re hungry, and now you can go ahead and add parenting to the list — not that you had a choice. Preliminary research shows that your hunger as a parent could result in overfeeding your kid. Oh Snack Pack, you make raising a kid feel better. Read more…