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Everything You Need To Know This Week About Being A Parent

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This week in parenting was almost busier for the American Academy of Pediatrics than it was for you — almost. Not only did they release the first ever recommendations for how to talk to kids about media violence, they sort of let you off the hook with the hook with your future sex talk. You found out you’re not the only one who’s discovered the parenting hack of not cooking anymore, but if you want to have anymore kids you better steer clear of fast food. And as always, science left you with some mixed emotions, telling you to take more selfies and to get your kid to sleep earlier (you’d like to see them try). But they also confirmed that you and your wife’s brains are totally different, but you can meet each other in the middle for a drink. You’ve been basically saying both things all along.

The Most Surprising 6 Figure Jobs You Didn’t Realize You Wanted Your Kid To Have
Much like the tiny human you’re raising, the job market is always changing and it’s hard to keep up with. The job listing Glassdoor is using their user data to help you with one of those problems, and it’s not babysitting. This random sampling of jobs (and openings) that pay over 100k will give you a new found respect for the dentist, and maybe a few ideas for your own career path. Read more…

Why Eating Fast Food May Being Ruining Your Ability To Make A Baby
If you’re not done adding to your family yet, you might want to be done with that Big Mac for now. That is, if you believe the researchers at George Washington University, who recently discovered that the Hamburglar could be coming for your virility. Read more…

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Studies Show Women’s Brains Are Wired Differently From Men — But Why?
Neurologists recently discovered that a part of the brain might function fundamentally different in men and women. So you’re not on 2 different planets, but if you want to understand each other you might need a new brain. Read more…

It’s Possible Your Kid’s Late Bedtime Will Affect Their Weight As Teenagers
Early to bed, early to rise, makes a kid (possibly) healthy, wealthy, wise, and now svelter adolescents. The study is the first of its kind to look at the link between bedtime and obesity. Add that to the list of reasons why you want your kid to go the f—k  to sleep. Read more…

The AAP’s First Recommendations For Dealing With Violence In The Media As A Parent
Dealing with the state of the world as a parent has never been easy, and throwing violent movies and video games into the mix makes it that much harder. Your buddies at the American Association of Pediatrics feel your pain and have released official recommendations for you, doctors, policy makers and more. Read more…

Does Your Kid Have One Of The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2016?
It’s probably too late to change your kid’s name (let them do that when they go off to art school). But that doesn’t mean you can’t see how the one you picked stacks up with the most popular baby names of 2016. And Atticus’s dad thought he was unique. Read more…

Study: Watching Daniel Tiger May Help Your Kid Become More Emotionally Intelligent
You’re likely acquainted with Daniel’s Big Feelings, and new study suggests you might want to enlist his help in getting your kid to understand theirs. After all, his friend Mr. Rogers taught you so much about your emotions — or was that cardigans? Read more…

Why Are Americans Dining Out More Than Cooking For The First Time In History?
If the GrubHub delivery guy is starting to feel like a member of the family, you’re not alone. U.S. Census data shows that for the first time ever, people are spending more on eating out than they are eating at home. Do yourself a favor and adopt the pizza guy before the neighbors beat you to the punch. Read more…

Your Daughter Can Probably Turn Herself Into An Emoji Without Any Of Your Help
Regardless whether you’ve sent them or not, you’ve heard of emojis. Now you’re going to have to send at least one — to brag to all the other parents about your daughter’s future as a computer programmer. That’s way more satisfying than a winky face. Read more…

Grandpa Creates Disneyland In His Backyard

Jeff Gritchen

This Engineer Grandpa Created His Own Amusement Park Because He Could
As much as your parents overindulge your kid, that’s nothing compared to old Grandpa Dobbs. The retired engineer has spent the last 3 years turning his backyard into a legitimate amusement park — with the help of his family and local University — just to get his grandkids to visit. Read more…

Sorry, But Science Says Taking Selfies Actually Helps You Enjoy Experiences
Seeing people stop to take selfies can make anyone angry, especially you, if they’re getting in your way while doing it. But a study from the American Psychological Association suggests that what’s really pissing you off the most is not joining them. Read more…

Congress Says Airlines Can’t Charge You Extra To Sit With Your Kids
Flying with kids can be great if you enjoy getting your pockets picked while you’re trapped in a metal tube. Members of Congress know your pain all too well and have passed regulations to make at least one part of it a little easier. Now you can spend that extra money on a much deserved vacation beer. Read more…

Science Says Drinking Together Makes Couples Happier

Study: Married Couples Who Drink Together, Stay Together
A new study of thousands of married couples discovers what you’ve suspected for some time: Couples who drink together are happier. Or maybe they were just drunk when they wrote it! Read more…

Should Your Pediatrician Teach Your Kids About Sex? The AAP Thinks So
If you’ve been dreading the day your kid asks you about sex, the AAP is taking the burden off you and putting it on your kid’s doctor. However, not every parent is happy with their doc taking on this responsibility — even if they know more than a gym teacher. Read more…