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We Give This Trailer For Netflix’s New ‘Dogs’ Movie Four Paws Up

It features a lot of good boys.

Man’s best friend is finally getting the documentary it deserves thanks to Netflix. The streaming giant dropped a trailer for a film simply called Dogs, which captures the unique relationship humans have with these loyal, intelligent and of course, adorable, creatures. The trailer highlights six families and their pups from all over the world.

The documentary promises to be a tearjerker. One man who left Syria is desperately to reunite with his dog, a majestic husky named Zeus, who is trapped in the war-torn country. Another one of the six stories follows a man and his dog, Ice, who seems to accompany his human everywhere, even on a small boat. This owner calls the dog “the heartbeat of his family,” which is a phrase many pup owners would consider to be true of their canine companions. The film will also explore how a girl with a disability and her service dog form a lifelong bond and the life of a dog groomer.

Although six stories seem to be the focus of the film, Netflix promises that there will be hundreds of other dogs of all breeds in the documentary. Some more footage hints at an epic dog run through the wilderness, little floppy service-pups-in-training, dogs roaming various cities with their owners and plenty of close-ups of good boys (and girls).

Here’s a warning though: You might tear up while watching this trailer and need to give your dog a big hug, so watch at your own risk. It’s already clear that this documentary deserves all of the Oscars. Dogs comes out on Netflix on November 16.