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Little Girl Loses Her Mind Talking About Watching the ‘My Little Pony’ Movie

"I get a donut and this Xbox movie!"

My Little Pony: The Movie may not have been a massive hit with the critics but according to a young girl named Julianna, it’s better than the Godfather, Citizen Kane, and Casablanca. Combined.

Julianna’s mother Mary filmed her daughter’s unbridled enthusiasm in the car after renting My Little Pony for a home movie night. From the very start of the video, Julianna can’t contain her excitement. As she holds the DVD, she explains to her mom that, at first, she believed they were just getting an average My Little Pony movie but soon realized that unlike the others, this one had the ponies becoming mermaids.

“But no! This! Is! The! Mermaid! My Little Pony one,” she yells excitedly. “I even said the F-word, this is so awesome. Oh my god, I get a donut and this Xbox movie?!”

She is so happy with the idea of getting to watch the new My Little Pony movie that she declares the moment to be the high-point of her existence on earth so far. “This is the best day of my life, even though it’s a school day!” She exclaims.

Julianna’s mom uploaded the hilarious video to YouTube earlier this week and it quickly went viral. Julianna’s My Little Pony endorsement has been viewed more than 500,000 times in less than three days, as people can’t get enough of this girl wildly singing the praises of a movie she hasn’t even seen yet.