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Watch the World’s Stubbornest Toddler Try to Carry a Backpack Be a Total Hero

Getting off the ground is not a joke.


Toddlers struggle. And toddler, shakily standing between things being done for the first time and things being done competently, struggle in a very specific way that makes basic takes seem Sisyphean. It is adorable and admirable to watch these mini-people try and try again. And it amazing to watch the stubborn “Backpack Girl,” the internet’s latest viral sweetheart, repeatedly attempt to stand up with a backpack on. She fails, but she doesn’t quit. She is the hero humanity truly deserves.

It’s actually super fortunate that toddlers are so consumed by what they want to do. This sheer bloodymindedness serves them well as they try to pick up the skills they need to move on to more interesting stuff. Backpack Girl understands something fundamental about life — past isn’t always prelude.

At the end of her trial, she manages to stand up for a second before falling over again. And that, my friend, is the slow, unsteady, and often hilarious march of rogress. So it is and so it has always been.