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Definitely Don’t Explode Your Batteries At Home, Watch This Instead


When it comes to battery safety, there are a lot of obvious dos and don’ts mastered before becoming a dad. DO keep them out of reach of children. DON’T light them on fire. But now you have another reason for the latter, other than because it’s incredibly dangerous. You also shouldn’t light batteries on fire because it’s been done before, and the Slow Mo Guys do it better than most.

As opposed to alkaline batteries, which just burn when on fire, lithium batteries explode like “a little jet engine.” Which is, again, unsafe but also especially awesome when captured on a Phantom V2511 camera at 28,500 fps and 70,000 fps — like it is in the video below.

Normally when lithium batteries explode it’s because of a manufacturing defect — shout out to the Note7. This time the defect was putting it under a blowtorch, but the science of why it explodes is pretty much the same. As chemicals inside the battery begin to eat up, it destroys the separator in the battery. This causes a chain reaction inside the battery, which makes it hotter and hotter, and eventually either ignite or explode. And like the Energizer bunny, it keeps going, and going, and going.

But after going through several types of lithium batteries and several awesome explosions, Gav and Dan discover what most dads already know. The hardest part of this experiment is getting the batteries out of the damn packaging. Unfortunately, that’s the part you can (and will) have to try at home. And then, you know, keep trying.