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Watch This Water-Fueled Tricycle Go 62 MPH in Half a Second

This thing hauls.

You might think of a tricycle as a stepping stone for getting your kid comfortable with the idea of riding a bike, or the defacto vehicle of classic circus clowns. But you might change your mind after witnessing Francois Gissy’s teched-out version in action. Gissy created an adult-sized tricycle that can hit a whopping 62 miles per hour in just over half a second; the mighty trike also reached a top speed of 162.2 miles per hour. The craziest part? The tricycle is powered by nothing but water.

Gissy built the tricycle using motorcycle and go-kart parts and gave it a water tank pressurized to 6,000 PSI. The resulting creation is akin to a Star Wars speeder bike. Per the video, Gissy was inspired by his time as a kid, launching soda bottle rockets that were powered by water and compressed air. Sounds like silly science experiment doesn’t it? But, as the video demonstrates, this thing hauls.

It’s legitimately shocking to see just how fast this trike can go. But it’s not that shocking that Gissy built it. A world-renowned daredevil, he once rode a rocket-powered bicycle that hit 207 mph. Perhaps Gissy can bring his high-powered tricycle to next year’s Tricycle Grand Prix in Bartlett, New Hampshire, where dozens of adults competitors race their three-wheeled vehicles frantically down a single black-diamond Avenger trail at Attitash Bear Peak. Of course, Gissy may not be allowed to enter the race, as the Grand Prix racers don’t use any sort of engine or fuel, just three wheels and gravity. In that case, it’ll fit in just right on the forest moon of Endor.