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Watch a Viral Video Make a Strong Case for Attaching Balloons to Toy Cars

A fix for an age old kids problem AND a physics lesson.


Every child who’s ever played with a toy car has encountered the same struggle. Try to pull off a cinematic jump and they immediately turtle onto their die-cast back. Hot Wheels may be fast, but they lack ferocity — at least on the aerials front. Fortunately, the folks at KAZOO Magazine have solved this problem with a video that makes a strong case for just putting a balloon on it.

The balloon solution was actually designed with the help of Toyota Global engineer Jackie Birdsall. The trick is to put two straws into a balloon’s opening such that it can be blown up through the straws. Tape that contraption to the top of a toy car and everything is set to go. The air that fires out of the balloon and through the straws propels the car forward, while the inflated balloon holds the car steady and stops it from flipping over once it’s off the ground.

While the people who made the video crafted their own car out of an empty juice box, the logic and design are applicable to something smaller and a little heavier. As long as the balloon is large enough, it should hold enough air to propel most small toy cars forward while providing them with the stability to not flip over. Get a green balloon and you can always edit it out in post.