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Watch These Two Moms Perfectly Reenact Their Sons Playing ‘Fortnite’

Fortnite gets real.

Youtube The New Stepford

If you can’t beat them, troll them. That seemed to be the motto of two moms who rather than try to curb their sons’ Fortnite obsession, decided to make a hilarious video where they lip sync to an audio track of their kids playing the game.

The video of their mom’s lip syncing is every bit as brilliant as it sounds, as the two perfectly imitate their sons hysterically yelling about the game. In an extremely relatable parenting moment, one of the boys asks his mom to get off the internet and then yells “MOM, THIS ISN’T A JOKE!” when she claims that she isn’t online. Seeing the actual mom yell at their ‘mom’ (who, in a bit of inspired role reversal, is played the actual son) will ring true to any parent whose kid has gotten a bit too into Fortnite, World of Warcraft, or any other video game.

Perhaps the best thing about the video—besides the spontaneous dance interludes where both women take a stab at the orange shirt kid dance— is watching the two of them lip sync all the random Fornite lingo that their sons can be heard trading back and forth. What is “tilted?” What is the “default orange juice skin?” And, what does it mean when someone says “my stairs are triangles?” At some points, it just sounds like a live-action Madlib.

This spot-on recreation was made by Whitney Cicero, a writer at the New Stepford. The video comes at the perfect time, as Fortnite continues to dominate the world of video games. It is easily the most popular video game of 2018, and currently boasts an impressive 125 million players—more than any game of its kind right now.