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‘Little Evil’ Reimagines ‘The Omen’ from the Perspective of a Confused Step-Dad

In the trailer for 'Little Evil,' Adam Scott is a step-dad who slowly realizes his new son might be "evil incarnate."

Imagine that instead of being a dark and haunting horror film, The Omen was an absurdist comedy from the perspective of the confused and slightly terrified step-dad of the spawn of Satan? If this alternative version sounds preferable to you, then you’re going to love the trailer for Little Evil, a new Netflix movie starring Adam Scott and Evangeline Lily.

The trailer introduces us to Gary (Scott), a nice guy who has happily married Samantha (Lily), the love of his life. There’s just one problem: her son Lucas (Owen Atlas) might be “evil incarnate.” Gary begins noticing strange behavior from Lucas, such as his desire to only communicate via a goat sock puppet and the fact that he, um, tried to kill a birthday clown. You know, just a few red flags.

While Gary grows increasingly concerned, Lily continues to insist there is nothing wrong with her son. Where Gary sees Satanic drawings marking the fulfillment of a prophecy that promises the end of the world, Lily simply sees Lucas as showing off his creativity. Even when Gary gets her to admit that Lucas was conceived during her time in a cult, Lily just brushes it off as a “crazy time in my twenties.” Eventually, Gary discovers that this doomsday cult believes that a child will “rise up from up Hell to rule mankind and to bring an end to the world as we know it.” And it’s all up to Gary to stop little Lucas from bringing forth the Apocalypse. Typical step-dad stuff.

While this may not be the most heartwarming parenting movie of the year, it looks like it has a real shot at being the funniest. It’s a clever twist on a horror classic and we could watch Adam Scott react to increasingly crazy situations all damn day.

Little Evil arrives on Netflix September 1.