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Watch This Young Girl Lecture Her Dad for Leaving Up the Toilet Seat

"How many times do I have to tell you to put it down?!"

Carter Clips/YouTube

Bradlee Rae Hayes may only be three years old but thanks to her dad, she’s already familiar with the pet peeve that drives women crazy: when men forget to put the toilet seat down.

In a video that’s going viral, the young girl from Bedford, Texas scolds her dad, Jeremiah, for his bathroom habits. “How many times do I have to tell you when you put the seat up and I tell you to put it down for me?” she questions. “Why do you keep doing that?”

Her dad then asked her why he had to do all the work. Bradlee responded, “Daddy, listen to me, when you’re done with the potty, you gotta put it down when big girl come in and need go [toilet]. So you’re got to put it down for girls.”

Eventually, Jeremiah accepts defeat, thanking his daughter for “letting me know.”

Originally shared to YouTube, the video has nearly three million views and 20,000 likes as people applaud (and likely relate to) the toddler’s exasperation with her father.

And Jeremiah admitted to Caters News Agency that it’s not the first time that Bradlee has put him in his place. “This is her down to a T, as she is always letting me know when I am slacking,” he said. “If I am not doing my job as a dad properly she isn’t afraid to let me know. Especially when it comes to putting the toilet seat down.”

He then joked, “Despite her recriminations, I will stand firm for all men in the great debate of whether or not to put the seat down.”