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Watch This Eight-Year-Old Baseball Prodigy Show Off Her Insane Skill

She was told that "girls shouldn't play baseball."


It’s 2019, yet some people are still of the belief that sports are better left to men. To those people, we say: “Please take a look at the U.S. Women’s Soccer team. And also this badass child baseball prodigy.” When 8-year-old Ashlynn Jolicoeur was told that “girls shouldn’t play baseball“, she decided to prove them wrong. And prove them wrong she did.

After being named MVP of a tournament last year, the young Canadian baseball player received criticism. “After the game, (a parent on our team) told me that girls ‘shouldn’t be playing baseball and that they should stick to softball,'” her dad, Dan Therien, told Baseball For All. Jolicoeur was then cut from the team.  “It was upsetting,” Therien told CBC Radio. “I was upset, but I did not let that bother me too much because I think some people sometimes are a little outdated in their thoughts.”

In response, Jolicoeur created a highlight video of her skills, showing off her epic diving catches and speed. The reel was originally posted on, and then reshared by Baseball For All, a Twitter account that supports girls playing baseball. Jolicoeur’s video quickly went viral, and now has over 4 million views and an outpouring of support for the 8-year-old. “Whoever told her that should be shamed in public. Get this girl a bat!!!!!” one user replied. “That’s a girl! Show ’em how it’s done!” said another.

Surely, Jolicoeur has a bright future in sports, regardless of any haters that come her way In fact, it looks like the haters only motivate her more.