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These Little Kids Have An Absolutely Blast Meeting Some Lizards

"Do people eat these? Do they eat people?"

When it comes to kids going bananas over animalscute dogs get the best reactions, followed by cats, followed by, probably, a really cool octopus. But the folks at HiHo Kids are making a strong case for lizards to their ranks.

In a recent video uploaded to the YouTube channel’s “Petting Zoo” series, in which an animal handler brings out different creatures to groups of kids who are keeping their eyes shut. This time around, the kids got to hang out with a crew of reptiles, including Bearded Dragons, a Blue-Tongued Skink, and a giant Savannah Monitor. Despite being a little hesitant to touch the lizards, all of the kids quickly warm up and go bonkers learning all the creatures’ various abilities, such as the Savannah Monitor’s adaptation that lets it ditch its tail when caught by predators.

They also raise some pretty great and thought-provoking questions, such as one boy who’s curious about the Bearded Dragons’ eating habits. “Do people eat these? Do they eat people?” he asks. After the handler explains that they’re omnivores, meaning they eat vegetables and meat, the boy chimes back in that he eats “a little bit of meat, a little bit of vegetables, a little bit of bugs, and a little bit of grass,” and proudly categorizes himself as an “everything-vore.”

Check out the video below and see if it makes you want to get your kids a Savannah Monitor.