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Watch These Dudes Turn Candy Into Booze

We need some ASAP.

With Halloween quickly approaching, candy may already be starting to pile up in your house. If you’re not quite sure what to do with it and you’re feeling like a low-key culinary experiment could do some good — especially with all that work-from-home, quarantine time on your hands — the YouTubers over at the channel The Modern Rogue have an interesting idea…if devious. That idea is… turning candy into… alcohol?

Yep, you heard that right! They made liquor out of actual candy. And it looks like a pretty fun experiment. But be warned: if you’re thinking of trying, just make sure you have the patience for it, because brewing up the sweets takes around three weeks — after all, alcohol takes a long time to ferment. 

In the delightfully strange experiment, the YouTubers taste-tested four rather ominous looking drinks and had to guess what they were made out of. They’re presented with the four murky drinks (they appear sludgy, as if a potion from a spooky cauldron, so very fitting for Halloween) and they sipped and guessed what they thought the drinks were made with.

One taste tester thought that a pink drink was cinnamon Play-Doh (it wasn’t), another suspected the only clear-looking drink to be sake (close, but no). The process for making a drink out of Skittles seemed the most intriguing, as the culinary master actually blended the skittles down into a powder and added, surprisingly, even more sugar. For parents looking to get creative with their kids’ Halloween candy, this could be a fun option. Although a simpler, less risky option could always be just to get a pack of wine coolers, since they’re basically just alcoholic Jolly Ranchers anyway, and at the end of the day, you can still eat the candy while getting drunk.