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Watch SNL’s Best Mother’s Day Sketch Capture the Horror of Birth

It's only kind of funny because it's true.

Youtube SNL

In honor of Mother’s Day, the Saturday Night Live cast put together a sketch that gave viewers a look at the incalculable suffering moms go through in the hospital. The bit was a touch of much-needed counterprogramming for Mother’s Day, which glamorizes what can be a very unglamorous job. The sketch is the very definition of “not something to watch with a child,” but that doesn’t prevent it from being obscenely funny.

The skit starts innocently enough with a little boy bringing his mom, played by Amy Schumer, breakfast in bed. Like many moms would be, she was elated and told her son that the day he was born was the best day of her life. To which her son promptly responds, asking, “What was it like?”

Schumer lies, but the camera doesn’t. Cut to Schumer spread eagle a table screaming in agony asking, “How much bigger can the whole get!?!?” then being informed she’ll need an episiotomy, which she’s not pumped about because of the anal damage.


Fortunately, only about 35 percent of births require episiotomies. Many more involve the next beautiful act depicted in the sketch: pooping. As Schumer’s character gives her final push, horrified, she asks everyone if she’s pooping. She is. Hospitals don’t keep track of how many women poop during childbirth, but most do. It’s just part of the show. 

The whole sketch served as a reminder that motherhood is more than a beautiful calling. It’s a medical condition.