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Watch: Pro Baseball Player Knocks His Toddler’s Pitch Out of the Park

It's really cute.


Ever played a game of baseball with your toddler and accidentally knocked the ball out of the park? Well, Freddie Freeman has.

Freddie Freeman is most widely known for playing professional baseball on the Atlanta Braves for the entirety of his career — playing on first base since he was drafted right out of high school in 2007, until he made his debut three years later, in 2010. A four-time MLB star, Freeman has had a long career of kicking butt on the field.

Add that to his most recent All MLB award for 2020 and the Hank Aaron award and it’s clear that Freeman doesn’t have that much to prove to anyone about his skill and dedication to the craft. That didn’t stop him, however, from absolutely clowning on his own child, Charlie Freeman, who he shares with his wife Chelsea. 

To commemorate Freeman winning two prestigious baseball awards in basically the same breath — what a week for him! — the MLB posted a tweet of a hilarious viral video they posted on their official TikTok account. “@FreddieFreeman5 has won the 2020 NL Hank Aaron award,” the tweet reads. “Never forget the time he hit an absolute bomb off his son.”

Indeed, the short video, which is just 22 seconds long, shows Freeman playing a game of baseball with his young son, Charlie, who is just about 4 years old. Charlie throws the ball at his dad and Freddie knocks the ball so hard out of the park — over the trees and into the atmosphere. Charlie watches the ball disappear and, in a moment of frustration, throws the remaining balls on the ground.

They then go jog out to find the ball, which is clearly in the woods behind their house. It’s a sweet video — and it shows how fun catch can be between a kid and their dad, even, or especially, when one is an extremely decorated MLB player and the other is a toddler.