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Watch New Dad Prince William Struggle to Stay Awake at Royal Function

We feel you, William.


Not even the Royal Family is safe from the sleep deprivation that comes with having a new baby. During the annual Anzac Day service at Westminster Abbey, which recognizes Australians and New Zealanders who’ve died in war, Prince William, who this week became a father for the third time when Kate Middleton gave birth to a son, was caught on video looking like he may have nodded off in the pews. 

With all the stress that comes with having a new-baby, one can’t really blame the Duke of Cambridge for not being able to keep his eyes open. William is obviously adhering to a new parents’ schedule, and, in such a time, even the most important church services can act like Tylenol PM. This is also considering that he and Kate have two toddler-aged kids to deal with as well.