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Middle Schoolers Find Out They’re Going to See ‘Black Panther’, Throw a Dance Party

Pretty safe to say these kids are stoked.

Black Panther doesn’t hit theaters until February 17th. But the tale of King T’Challa and the nation of Wakanda is not only one of the best reviewed Marvel movies of all time, but it’s also on pace to break numerous advanced ticket sales. Some of those sales will be courtesy of the 119 students who attend Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta Georgia. Teachers broke the news that they’ll be taking a class trip to see the film and, as this video shows, the kids lost their collective minds and busted out some serious dance moves in celebration.

The Ron Clark Academy, founded by energetic educator Ron Clark, is a nonprofit middle school in Southeast Atlanta. It’s known nationally for its innovative use of energetic music and dance to engage students and several of the students’ viral dance routines have gone viral. The middle school was invited to attend the 2009 Presidential Inauguration.

The students busted out their acclaimed dance moves after teacher Wade King informed the kids they’d be seeing the movie after a long day of learning about various African Cultures and traditions. They danced on tables and had what looks to be a genuine blast. 

Black Panther is being heralded as perhaps the greatest Marvel movie of all time. In addition to offering a continuation of the Marvel saga and bring to screen a character who has existed since the late 60s, the movie features an almost entirely black cast. This is something teachers from Ron Clark wanted their 119 students, 114 of whom are black or of African descent, to see. And, by the looks of the video, they can’t wait.