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Watch a Magician ‘Saw’ His Baby in Half

The cutest bit of magic ever.


As Las Vegas-based magician Justin Flom approaches his sleeping daughter Haven, it looks like a super cute video of a napping baby. Then things get weird. Flom uses two Doctor Seuss books to ‘cut’ his baby in half, before pulling them apart to separate the now two sections of her body. Magicians appearing to ‘saw’ people in half isn’t exactly a new gag, but watching it performed on a sleeping infant is wild.

Some commenters suspected that the baby was fake and that Flom was simply pulling apart a doll. Well, that was until Haven opened her eyes and jaws everywhere dropped. Eerie. But as realistic as the trick appears, it’s actually pretty simple. Most versions, including Flom’s, make use of some fake legs and a little bit of misdirection. The video makes it seem as if Flom has totally straddled the table, and in fact, he has. But take another look at his left leg in the background. It moves only when his right leg does. A mirror was actually placed underneath the table so that viewers can’t see that Haven’s legs are actually underneath the blanket and tucked safely down through the coffee table.

Notice how the baby’s legs don’t move when her dad ‘removes’ them from her torso? After sliding the fake legs over, Flom can be seen subtly tapping the blanket to wake her up. Even though the whole thing is clearly a magic trick, some commentators were outraged about the video nonetheless. It is the internet after all. Many even went as far as to call the trick child abuse and threatened to call Child Protective Services. Hopefully, they didn’t, as nobody wants to see an entire baby disappear into foster care because of an adorable magic trick.


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Posted by The Magic Show on Wednesday, January 17, 2018