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Watch Kobe Bryant and His Baby Go Nuts After Eagles Win

The Philly native and his daughter went wild.

One of the best celebrity reactions to the Eagles stunning upset over the Patriots in Super Bowl LII came from former NBA star Kobe Bryant. The five-time NBA champion, a Philadephia native, held his baby daughter in his arms and danced in pure jubilation.

Yesterday’s Super Bowl came down to the wire and, in the games final moments, Bryant can be heard repeating the word ‘no’ as Brady launched a hail mary to Rob Gronkowski in the final seconds of the game. As the officials walked over and declared the pass incomplete, relived, Bryant exclaimed “Oh thank god. Oh my god. Yes, we won.” Still shaking his fist in the air, and with his daughter clutched in his other arm, Bryant hilariously trotted around the room jumping up and down repeating random combinations of “That’s it,” “We fucking won,” and “the fucking Super Bowl.”