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Watch Kanye West and Other Controversial Figures Audition to Be the Next Big Bird in Hilarious Video

It's weird to hear Big Bird call kids losers.

Last week, the original Big Bird announced that he’d be hanging up his costume after nearly 50 years at Sesame Street. Caroll Spinney was with Sesame Street since the very first episode and played not only Big Bird, but also Oscar the Grouch. For the past few years, 84-year-old Spinney has recorded the voices for his iconic characters from a voice booth due to some issues with balancing. 

Spinney still intends on appearing as Big Bird at special events whenever possible. Big Bird was officially recast by Sesame Street and is now played by Matt Vogel, the show’s puppet captain. But that didn’t stop Stephen Colbert from holding his own auditions on The Late Show to see if he could find someone to fill Big Bird’s large feet.

In this fake audition tape, Colbert had four controversial figures put on the iconic yellow costume and give their best Big Bird impression for the cameras. Colbert auditioned Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh, rapper and MAGA supporter Kanye West, Infowars’ Alex Jones, and President Donald Trump. The audition tapes used real soundbites from the four men. While Big Bird usually talks about the alphabet and teaches kids how to navigate misunderstandings, instead he talked about beer, how great he was, the devil, and losers.

No one really wants those Big Birds teaching their babies, toddlers and impressionable young children about life or the world around them. Colbert’s hilarious skit was also making a larger point about how these men are controversial public figures who people regularly listen to even though they are the definition of “not suitable for young children.”