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Jimmy Kimmel Loves This Fart Noise Apps With a Group of Kids

Kids really are the true fart aficionados.

Jimmy Kimmel Live Youtube

Jimmy Kimmel getting schooled about a bunch of stuff that he barely understands as a grown man, by little kids no less, may be the most underrated treasure in all of late night television. A couple of months ago he uncomfortably trotted through an explanation of ASMR, and now the comedian is trying his hardest to understand fart apps. And, honestly, is there a better way to understand a fart apps than to have the group of humans most entertained by flatulence explain them to you?

Kimmel called one kid “a real fart aficionado” after he noted that a specific fart coming from the app can be heard on YouTube as well.  Admittedly, that’s a weird thing to recognize. But, having said that Kimmel thought a lot about the app was weird. Namely the way that the app, which is clearly designed for kids, shows an ad for “best car accident lawyers” at the top.

Much to Kimmel’s amazement, there was a separate fart app that actually had a specific fart named after him. Once he heard it, Kimmel couldn’t help but point out that the sound is “actually right on.” At the end of the day, the late-night host just seems jazzed that despite the changes in our world, people still don’t take everything too seriously.

“I’m glad to see that something’s, it doesn’t matter how much technology we get. We didn’t have iPads when I was a kid, but we had whoopie cushion, and you’d sit on it and everyone would still laugh.”